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Acceptance of these terms of use is deemed to be made upon entry and navigation of the visitor / user at This acceptance consists in its explicit, unconditional and irrevocable agreement to comply with these terms. In case of disagreement of the user / visitor with any of the terms, he / she must stop and avoid his / her browsing on, notifying, if he / she wishes, the administrator. reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time and without justification, while the modifications are taken into account only if they are expressed in writing and incorporated in this text. Therefore, users are advised to periodically check the content of these terms. In the event of total or partial invalidity or inability to apply individual terms, the validity of all other terms is not affected. The gap that may be created in the agreement between the website and the user by the invalid term will be filled with new or amended terms that will be specific if possible to the legal purpose of each invalid term. The above applies in any case and for those issues that are not explicitly regulated within the text of the terms of use.


Intellectual and industrial property rights

By this agreement you accept and acknowledge that all content of (documents, texts, marks, drawings, images, services, electronic files, etc.) is the intellectual property of the Company from the moment of its publication on the internet, subject rights of third parties. Therefore, the content enjoys the protection of the relevant provisions of Greek and European law as well as international conventions. The domain name is legally registered in the database of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) and is therefore protected by all relevant provisions of Greek and European law. With regard to the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties (eg partner websites, members or companies), their protection is the sole responsibility of the beneficiaries.

It is expressly forbidden to use, copy, store, reproduce, republish, republish, transmit, publish, download, translate and modify part or all of the content of and the services offered on it without prior written permission. of the business. In the event that the administrators of become aware that a member (free of charge or with a subscription) is systematically exporting, manually or automatically, all or a substantial part of its database, the administrators of may deactivate account without notice, while reserving the exercise of any other legal right.

It is extremely permissible to individually store and copy parts of the content on a simple personal computer for strictly personal use. A necessary condition is the lack of intention for commercial exploitation and the indication of its source of origin. In no case, however, can this be construed as indication of’s willingness to grant copyright.


Liability limitation of and the Company can in no way be held responsible for any damage and / or any other negative consequences that may arise from accessing it and / or using the information and services provided therein. All content and services are provided “as is”. No guarantee is provided by the Company that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruptions and errors or that these errors will be corrected. In no case are there any guarantees from the Company for the correctness, completeness and availability of the content of the pages and services. Finally, there is no guarantee on the part of the Company that any other linked website or servers through which it becomes available, are provided to you without viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, no claim of financial or other nature can be made for compensation for damage resulting from the above reasons, while the cost is borne in each case exclusively by the visitor / user. may publish various documents for the sole purpose of informing its visitors and users. There is no guarantee by and / or the Company regarding the adequacy, completeness, lack of errors or adequacy of these documents.


User responsibility

With this agreement the user accepts that he understands and accepts the international character of the internet and undertakes to observe the rules of ethical behavior (Netiquette). In cases where gives the opportunity to the user or member to publish or send by personal message or in any way to another user or member any information, audiovisual material, text, link to another website or link in general readable / executable from a computer or other electronic device, their content is the sole responsibility of the user who sent / published. It is reminded that for every publication / submission it is necessary to have the right to transmit the content either according to the current legislation or based on any legal contractual relationship of the user. In any case, the content of the above mentioned data is prohibited:

Be illegal, abusive, obscene, pornographic, threatening, defamatory, harassing, harmful to minors or expressing ethnic, racial or other discrimination;

Infringe the copyright or other property rights of third parties, including trademarks and trade secrets and patents,

Include any virus, malware, pop-up and spam that could cause either temporary or permanent damage / malfunction to any hardware (hardware and software) computer and electronic devices in general or delays, interference and interruptions in the operation of servers or any telecommunications network;


Contain a false statement about the user or imitation of any person (natural or legal).

By submitting material to, you grant the Company a permanent, non-exclusive, irrevocable and free license to reproduce, adapt, distribute and publicly display a piece or all of it within or its affiliated websites. You agree that you will not receive any compensation for the content you submit to, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary. The copyright on the material remains with its owner, while may indicate the name and title of the person submitting the material, provided he has provided it voluntarily.

The user of is obliged not to use the website for the execution of acts, which may result in the criminal prosecution or the initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against the Company for acts, which are indicative, and not exclusively, mentioned. the Penal Code, specific criminal laws, personal data protection legislation, telecommunications legislation, as well as the relevant legislation of the European Union, the National Telecommunications Commission, the Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority; and As well as for acts that could infringe any right or other legal interest of the Company or a third party.

In the event that any third party takes legal action against the Company for infringing any of its legal property, which falls within the provisions of the terms of use in the area of ​​responsibility of the user, the Company reserves the right to take redress against that user. Along with any claims of the third party, the Company reserves the right to demand compensation from the user for violation of the terms of use and for any legal consequences arising therefrom.

In any case, by accessing and using on your behalf, you agree that the exceptions and limitations of liability set forth in this text are correct and proportionate.

You are aware that reserves the right to modify and / or temporarily or permanently discontinue part or all of its services with or without notice to users / members, if there is a compelling reason. Therefore, users / members acknowledge that there is no right to compensation in any way against or its administrators.

Finally, has the right to remove, disable or restrict access to the material you submit, if it deems in good faith and reasonably that it violates its terms of use. For any disagreement with such move by, you can contact for further investigation.



The Administrator may collect and process personal data of the visitors / users of the Website, which they themselves have made available and for the processing of which they themselves consent at the same time with the use of this Website and in accordance with the Privacy and Privacy Policy.


Limitation of Liability – Disclaimer

The Administrator does not guarantee that the Website, services, options and Content will be provided without interruption, without errors, that errors will be corrected immediately or that all questions asked will be answered.

Likewise, the Administrator does not warrant that the Website or any other related Website or the servers (“servers”) through which the content is made available to the visitor / user are provided free of “viruses” or other harmful components. The cost of any corrections or services is borne by the visitor / user and in no case the Administrator.

Finally, the Administrator under any circumstances, including the case of negligence, is not responsible for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor / user of the website, services, options and content of the Website which he uses on his own initiative and with the knowledge of these terms and in particular in accordance with the provisions of the General Statement of Disclaimer.



With the help of appropriate links within it is possible to access third party websites. The placement of these links has been done with the sole purpose of facilitating the visitors during their internet browsing. It is in no way an indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites listed with a link. Each link leads to a different website, the browsing of which is subject to the terms of use of this website. and / or the Company does not bear any responsibility for the content and the personal data management policy of the website listed with a link. Access through the use of the provided links to the respective website takes place at the sole responsibility of the user.


Cookies Policy of our Website


What it is

A cookie is a small set of data that a web page can store on your computer or mobile phone. The cookie allows the website to “remember” your actions when you browse it. Although most browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera, support the use of cookies, the user can set their browser to reject cookies or delete them afterwards.


Who they are

The cookies on this Website can be categorized as follows:

  • Absolutely necessary cookies, which are absolutely necessary for the execution of the basic functions of the Website. These cookies allow you to browse the Website and use the features you have requested, such as access to secure areas of the Website. Without these cookies, we can not provide you with the services that allow the operation of this Website.
  • Performance cookies, which collect anonymous information about how its visitors use this Website. These cookies allow us to understand how visitors interact on the Website by providing us with information about which pages they visit, the time they spend on the Website, and any problems they encounter, such as incorrect messages. This information allows us to improve the operation of the Website.
  • Functionality cookies, which improve your experience in relation to the Website. These cookies may, for example, remember information such as username, language or geographical location preference. These cookies may be used to provide services that you have requested, such as watching a video, commenting on a blog, or interacting with third-party services, such as social media features. Remembering your choices helps the Website provide improved and more personal features.


How we use them

On our website we use the so-called cookies based on article 6, paragraph 1 item f of EU Regulation 2016/679. Our interest in optimizing our website should be considered legal within the meaning of the aforementioned provision. Cookies do not harm your terminal device, do not contain viruses, Trojan or other malicious programs. The cookie collects information, which arises each time in relation to the specific terminal device used. This does not mean that we have direct knowledge of your identity through them. The use of cookies aims on the one hand to offer you a more comfortable use. For this reason we use the so-called session cookies, to recognize that you have already visited individual pages of the website. These are automatically deleted as soon as you leave our website. In addition, we use temporary cookies for ease of use, which are stored for a specified period of time on your terminal device. If you visit our page again to use our services, we automatically acknowledge that you have already visited us, what entries / settings you have made, so that you do not have to do the same thing again.


How to check or delete them

You can control and / or delete cookies according to your wishes. Details can be found here: You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer, as well as configure most browsers to prevent the installation of cookies. However, in this case, you may need to adjust some preferences each time you visit a site, and some services may also not work.


Applicable law and other terms

These terms of use, including their amendments, are governed and supplemented, where necessary, by Greek and Community law, as well as by the relevant international treaties, while the courts of the city of Thessaloniki are competent. and the Company have as their constant aim, any disputes that may arise from its use and / or the interpretation and application of these terms of use, to be resolved amicably and out of court. For this reason, in the event that as a user / member you identify any legally and / or ethically problematic element or information in the content of the website, please immediately inform the webmaster at through its designers and administrators takes every possible action towards the development, updating and improvement of the services provided and the website in general. All the necessary organizational and security measures are taken and the most appropriate technical mechanisms of content protection are implemented, with the aim of providing the safest possible environment for the users, in compliance with the respective legal provisions. However, it is always possible for errors / malfunctions / interruptions in the contents of the website and / or viruses or other malware to appear either on the website or on its server.