The difference between a desert and a garden is not made by the water... It is made by the human!

    Personnel Selection
    We support the organization to select the right people to the right positions.
    We support the candidate to bring out his/her qualifications to successfully turn them to advantage in the position conquest.
    • Support for an effective personnel selection.
    • Exhaustive evaluation of candidate’s personal skills.
    • Organizational and work behaviour analysis.
    • Professional goals and motivation investigation.
    • Candidate’s predisposition towards an eventual integration in a concrete work environment.

    Personnel Evaluation

    The effective planning, management and development of human resources intends to:

    • The continuous improvement of productivity
    • The HR cost reduction by the performance optimization
    • The deliberate and conscious accession of the employees to the company’s goals and their
    alignment with their own professional and personal expectations.
    • The instauration of a mild, pleasant and productive work climate, by the management of tensions

  • Business & Management Coaching

    To better respond to the entrepreneurial evolution, the management styles need to get modernized.
    We must redefine the management methods and practices; enrich them with new knowledge and know-how; maximize our creativity; acquire quicker reflexes, in order to adapt, to renew, to work differently.
    Our Business and Management Coaching Services offer higher performance to small and medium size businesses:
    • Autonomy development
    • Communication fluency
    • Individual skills and constructive ideas eminence
    • Dynamism revival
    • Control procedures and corrective actions effectiveness
    • Productivity improvement
    These are the substantial and measurable results, our services can provide.


    Your business needs daily high performance management. Don't afford its cost!
    EuroPartenaire!'s experienced managerial staff can provide you full or part-time management and coaching services.
    We plan with you taylor made solutions, that give your business professionalism and effectiveness.

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