Kelpekis Nikos
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Political Science and Sociology graduate (Pierre Mendès-France University - Grenoble II).
Post graduate in Communication & Information Sciences (Stendhal University - Grenoble III).
For several years, he has been working as Senior Operational Manager and as Business Consultant in Greece and in France.
Certified professional training and quality assurance management consultant.
Since 1998, works exclusively as Senior Business Consultant in Greece, France and other countries, specializing in Business Development Strategy and Organization.

Breyiannis Panayiotis
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He is a confirmed Financial and Business Analyst with a long experience in consulting positions. He is also specialized in Technology and Innovation Strategic Management.
Co-founder in 2005, he was until 2010, the director of InfiniScale, a worldwide EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company in the semiconductor industry. Prior, he worked as financial and strategic analyst for several companies, including iRoC Technologies, Xtense Data, MicroVitae Technologies. He also has a significant experience in the construction and the insurance market.
Having graduated from Grenoble II University (Pierre Mendès-France) with an MS degree in Finance, he then went onto earn his BS degree in Economy and Business Administration, as well as receiving a graduate Diploma in Law Studies.

Grammatikopoulos Lazaros
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Economy & Finance graduate. Post graduate in Marketing & Business Administration (Pierre Mendès-France University - Grenoble II).
For several years, he has been working for multinational firms in France and Greece as Commercial Direction and Network Development Senior Manager. Since 2003, he works in the communication sector, developing his activities as businessman and business consultant.
His vast experience in finance and commerce is precious to both, large and medium size/small businesses.

Moisiadis Constantine
Economic Science graduate (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).
HR Management post-graduate (Economic University of Athens).
Since several years, he works as HR & Quality Management Director for a big stores-chain in retail commerce.
Certified trainer and professional training consultant.
He works, in parallel, as Business Consultant, specializing in Human Resources Management and Development.

Voyiatzis Nikos
Mechanical Engineering graduate (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).
Certified professional trainer in technical matters.
For several years, he has been working as Mechanical Engineer in the industrial sector and as electro-mechanical installations expert.
He actually works as Technical Industrial Consultant, specialized in Mechanical Equipment and Personnel Safety.

Yianni Maria
Chemical Engineering graduate and MSc in Production Systems Management (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).
For several years, she has been working as quality, standards and production process control manager, for several industrial companies.
She is actually working as Business Consultant, specializing in Quality and Environment Management Systems.
Akrivopoulos Paschalis
Civil Engineering graduate (Serres Polytechnics University).
He actually works as Production Organization and Supervision Engineer for construction companies.

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