Paris, France
OSCI, the Specialized Operators of International Trade, is the French federation of entrepreneurs in international trade. It brings together the International Accompanying Companies (SAI), the Export Management Companies (SGE) and the International Business Companies (SCI). Specialized by geographical area and by sector of activity. These companies offer a diversified range of international support services and product marketing.
Europartenaire! Business Development has been a full member of the organization since early 2017.

Brittany, France
Bretagne Commerce International is an organization, whose main mission is to support Breton companies in their international development. Headquartered in the city of Rennes, the BCI team includes specialists in all branches of economic activity, who have excellent knowledge of market mechanisms.
At international level, BCI has a network of partners/representatives in 105 countries. In Greece and Cyprus, it is represented by Mr N. Kelpekis, senior business consultant at Europartenaire! Business Development.
Rhone-Alps, France
ERAI Monde is a network of independent partners united around common values: the quality of services, professionalism, honesty and commitment to the promotion, internationally, of a sustainable, innovative, environmentally and socially responsible business. Encourage SMEs to more openness while controlling risks, escort  them with specialized services and expertise at country-level, this is the mission of ERAI Monde.
In a network spread across five continents, Greece and Cyprus are represented by EuroPartenaire! Business Development.


Lyon, France
The double expertise in consultancy and training of Agéine Conseil responds to the businesses' needs to efficiently manage their resources, by adapting to their strategy. Its mission consists in brinking to officers and managers action tools and working methods to help them achieve and manage their tasks more effectively and to improve their organizational structure, their commercial and marketing strategy and their communication.
EuroPartenaire! Business Development cooperates with Agéine Conseil on international development projects of their clients.



  Cracow, Poland
Valians International is a consulting company providing full operational support to companies aiming to develop their business in Eastern Europe. With 20 years of experience in Eastern Europe, Valians’ team offers a tailor-made and unique know-how in the field of industrial and business development on these markets
With 20 years of experience in operational support, more than 30 highly-qualified consultants, a team of lawyers and accountants, offices and business centers in the main cities of Eastern Europe, Valians International has its headquarters in Cracow, Poland.
Europartenaire! Business Development, sharing the same entrepreneurial values with Valians International, entrusts its expertise to support its own clients' business development in Poland and further Eastern Europe.


Munich, Germany
Intzeidis Consulting is an export and foreign trade consulting company. Headquartered in Munich, extends its action throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria, providing professional support and services in import and export activities of business customers.
It has the necessary expertise to support business in foreign markets, as well as the know how for successful penetration via its business
network in these specific markets.
Europartenaire! Business Development and Intzeidis Consulting in cooperation, intend to carry out joint development projects at the international level on behalf of their clients.


Barcelona, Spain
Full Consulting Focus - Sylvie Lemaire develops and co-creates projects with companies interfacing cultural and organizational methods with their management and strategic application fields.
Its International Business Development activity focuses on B2B projects: market survey, research of clients, partners or suppliers; assistance during negotiations; benchmarking; business Intelligence.
Also provides Talent Development and Training Services, based on benchmarking of good practices in management and innovation culture.
EuroPartenaire! Business Development cooperates with FCF-Sylvie Lemaire on international development projects of their clients.


Nicosia, Cyprus
F&A Grand Auditing and Consulting Ltd. is a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants providing a wide range of commercially focused services and professional advice for clients with local and international business interests.
Providing a broad range of financial and advisory services that goes beyond those offered by a traditional firm of accountants,  the company supports its clients to manage their financial affairs together with their family and business interests.  Also, it experts in providing private and publicly listed companies with the financial advice and assistance they may require to achieve their business goals.
Kigali, Rwanda
Convergencium was founded in 2012 and launched its commercial operations at the beginning of 2014. Its motivation is to enhance the performance of its clients, mostly Sub-Saharan based private and/or public enterprises and institutions.
With a strong knowledge of the field situations, Convergencium provides to its clients tailor made business consulting and the best solutions applied around the world.
EuroPartenaire! Business Development cooperates with Convergencium on international development projects in Europe and in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Nancy, France
StratXport is a dynamic team of expert consultants, trained to find business opportunities abroad, to explore new markets for its clients and to help them increase their turnover by exploiting them.
StratXport is supporting French Businesses, SMEs, all along their export process with externalized solutions, by globally managing the export operations and relating the client with the different export professionals, in purpose to optimize the international sales.
EuroPartenaire! Business Development cooperates with StratXport on international development projects of their clients.

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