Nowadays in Greece, there are two entrepreneurial tendencies, competing on a backround of values crisis. On one side, the parasitic forces are resisting -stabborn!- to the need of profound change, the crisis has made manifest. Some kind of obsolete and failed undertaking is defending itself, by adopting cameleon tactics and by pronouncing, with full of hypocrisy, a so-called progressist speech but -alas!- so misleading in reality.  
On the opposite side, take place the less numerous but definitely sane forces of a different Greek entrepreneurial spirit. Is that of business honesty, productivity, extroversion and especially of the courage to take risks, in order to obtain results of creativity and development. The business which transforms its speech into daily action and not into verbal fireworks for public consumption. We deal here with entrepreneurs, executives and workers who, by transcending the weaknesses and fears of a “failed” Greece, redefined their values and are becoming forces of change. Here they are, the true forces of an authentic Hellenic business making, which will support Greece whatever happens.

It is asked to our trade partners, all over the world, to do their own transcendence: to see beyond stereotypes and caricatures and trust them.