By Nikolas Kelpekis

Five years of crisis passed and the record of attempts to get out of it is rather disappointing. Few things have changed, because most refuse to change, anticipating a utopic scheme of cost-free financing of generalized consumerism, in minimal productive environment! These of us who expected and hoped for change, obviously overestimated the teaching power of passing time, which makes us wise and prudent. Or maybe, in the scale of a society, five years may not be sufficient to understand and correct one’s own mistakes.
Anyway, the continuing and dominant image of an introverted, querulous, state-fed and non-productive Greek world doesn’t express the whole reality. There are healthy forces striving -with vision, determination and honesty- for a better future! These forces need to create synergies both, between them at national level and with other actors at the European and wider international scene.
There is a Greece which can produce and export added value!