First European maritime power and the fifth in the world, with significant mineral wealth (first in the production of aluminum and bauxite in the EU, second mining smectites on the planet, the only EU state member producing nickel, while produces almost half of Western Europe’s magnesite… not including oil, gas deposits and alternative energy sources), with its so-called “heavy industry” of tourism (within the first 15 destinations in the world), with a well-trained agro-alimentary sector (third world producer of olive oil, olives and saffron, fifth asparagus exporter, between the top-10 cotton producers and exporters in the world, 16th dairy products exporter…)
Greece is rich! The Greeks produce, but can produce more efficiently: more wealth with less effort in less time. May the crisis become an opportunity to rethink our social and economic model in its philosophy and its organization. More functionality and(for) even higher productive performance. More efficient enterprising, teamwork, extroversion, intense and sincere effort by all of us. And a public sector, mainstay and supporter of private initiative.

To change our country and to deliver it pridefully to the future generations.