There is a Greece suffering from the financial crisis that affects the country –its economy and its society- profoundly. Many businesses of all kinds and sizes have serious difficulties to undertake, even to survive. This is one side of the reality.
The other one is that there are Greek companies in F&B, in textile and clothing, in furs, in industrial products (such as aluminium systems, armoured doors and furniture), as well as in business consulting and touristic activities support, that seek and find commercial partners all over the world.
Loyal to the ancient Hellenic tradition of extroversion, optimist and courageous, innovating and reliable, they are these Greek entrepreneurs that propose, with ambition, their quality products and services, at competitive prices, on the international markets.
They export this image of a fighting Greece and are the best advantage of her future!

* Mr Nikos Kelpekis is a Communication Expert – Business Development Consultant

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