By Nikolas Kelpekis*

We will never repeat it enough: a stone that doesn’t roll, gathers moss!

Developments at the level of global civilization are now running in inconceivable – in relation to the past – rhythms. The world is constantly changing, and this is happening everywhere on the planet. In such a challenging environment, most small and medium-sized businesses seem to be totally confused. They react or stagnate, in both cases as if they were the victims of an ecosystem that -by changing- condemns them irrevocably to obscurity.

However, changes almost never involve a single version of outcome. Their result is not predictable, but is (also) shaped by the human action. Therefore, the spirit towards a changing world must be this one of adaptation and evolution. People in small and medium-sized businesses, we are called to listen carefully to the new order of things, to interpret it rationally, to measure our strengths, to record our weaknesses and to change.

The times require boldness, spirit wideness, extroversion, innovation. In order, for our collective entity, to set its place in a new world!